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We love it when a new kid comes to town. And by kid, we mean DJ and by town, we mean Pikes. In this instance, we’re talking about French musician, producer, singer, sound engineer, DJ and Ed Banger label dweller, Myd (that’s Quentin Lepoutre to his maman et papa), who’ll be making his highly anticipated Freddies debut on Thursday September 08, 2022. “It’s one of my first parties in Ibiza,” he says when he phones in from France to scope out the summer vibes. “I’m so excited it will be at Freddies!”

One part fun-loving Frenchman, another part mischief maker, with just the right dash of comedian thrown in for good measure, Myd is the perfect match for a place like Pikes. He’s setting the bar high for his inaugural Freddies gig, telling us: “If you’re going to throw a party in a legendary place, you make it a legendary party. I want to start at sunset and finish at sunrise – actually, the last time I was in Ibiza was also the longest time I ever went without sleeping,” he admits. “Let’s see if we can beat this record during my time at Pikes! No sleeping and partying is my Ibiza vibe.”

While we may not technically be able to keep Freddies open until daylight streams through the skylight (sorry Myd!), there’s nothing stopping Myd from staying up to work on his Ibiza summer suntan round the Club Tropicana pool after his performance. After all, he’s probably the only DJ we know who boasts his own range of beach towels, bucket hats, socks and shades as merch – what better place to show them off? “September is still summer! I’ll have sunglasses and my hat with me,” he says exuberantly. “And of course, my records – I mean, USB sticks, filled with all the new songs I’ve been digging this summer.” So, no socks and sandals by the pool then? Probably a good thing – they might create some questionable tan  lines, who are we to judge?

Come join Myd down the rabbit hole in a couple of weeks and let’s see who can last the distance.

By White Ibiza

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