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The Pool

Let us take you to a place where membership’s a smiling face. Immortalised by a scantily clad George Michael and a sax-tooting Andrew Ridgeley in Wham!’s iconic video for Club Tropicana, our sparkling swimming pool has always been the heart and soul of Pikes. All that’s missing is the sea – but don’t worry, you can suntan!

Dip your toe in or dive into the deep end and swim up to the best seats in the house – submerged in the pool and conveniently in eye-line with the bar. Surrounded by oversized daybeds on multi-levelled terraces, presided over by a giant red crocodile, and featuring shaded chill-out corners plus a DJ booth in poolside pride of place, we welcome you to wonderland…


There is a light that will never go out. Our Reception is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the season, and our team are on-hand to assist with anything you need. This is where your Pikes journey begins – that first moment of anticipation as you step through the door for the very first time is almost as good as the cool relief you feel in our blissfully air-conditioned surrounds.

Who can you spot in the photos on the wall? Can we arrange a late check-out? Book you a taxi? A massage? A personal training session? Ask and you shall receive. If you’re a hotel guest, dial ‘9’ from your room to contact the front desk, or pop in to see us any time you like. You’ll also find our shop here if you want to take home a Pikes- inspired souvenir (or three). Come on in, we don’t bite!

Tennis Court

Anyone for tennis? Or any other game that take your fancy on our famous hot pink court, for that matter. Singles, doubles, mixed doubles – even triples if that’s the way you like it! Hire racquets from reception and join the ranks of Freddie Mercury, who would proudly don his tennis whites at Pikes back in the day, although legend has it that he was not-so-hot at the game itself. New balls please!

We can arrange private tennis lessons if your skills are anything like Freddie’s, or if you simply want to brush up on your game while you’re staying with us. We also utilise the court for all types of festivities: open-air cinema screenings, stand-up comedy, weddings, market stalls, literary festivals, book launches, personal training, art exhibitions, live tattooing and more – if you can dream it, we can make it happen. Game, set, match.


The fairytale gardens at Pikes set the scene for some of our guests’ best adventures. Take a stroll around the grounds and you’ll find chill-out corners aplenty, blossoming hibiscus flowers, swishing pampas grass, blooming bougainvillea, fragrant lavender and all kinds of succulents. Ancient olive trees sit alongside towering palms and eucalyptus trees, with pretty paved pathways leading to different areas within the hotel.

Keep your eye out for our flock of sheep, take a selfie with our giant mushrooms, take in our open-air art collection – a whimsical series of illustrations by artist Rory Dobner painted on the hotel walls and incredible Diana Gomez portraits presented in striking lightboxes – and be nice to our friendly family of felines along the way. You really never know who you’ll bump into down the garden path at Pikes.


Pikes may be famous all around the world for its hedonistic heartbeat but when the disco ball stops spinning, we also know our guests need to enjoy some downtime. That’s where our Rockovery Dome comes in.

Maybe you’ve had a big night and need some extra healing hands the morning after (we’re talking about massage!), or perhaps you just want to carry on your usual yoga, Pilates or training routines while you’re on holiday. Our concierge team can call in the island experts to ensure you’re never off your game.

This is also the place where we like to get cosmic. You can book numerology, healing therapies, sound baths, reiki, meditation, breathwork or any kind of class or treatment to help you float out of the dome with a high-vibrational glow.

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