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It’s no secret we love a pop-up here at Pikes – we’ve hosted fashion designers, artists, chefs, authors and more over the years.

We’re especially excited that the amazing Rosie Odette joins us in Pamelas from midday until 7pm on Tuesday September 13, 2022, bringing with her a hand-picked sparkly selection of what she calls ‘spiritual bling’ from her divine collections. Trust us when we say you won’t be able to leave empty-handed, quite literally!

The globe-trotting gem hunter and jewellery designer – who relocated to Ibiza permanently in 2022 – is no stranger to Pikes – she first walked through our doors for a Melon Bomb party a few years ago and fell in love at first sight. “Pikes is by far my favourite place to hang out in Ibiza,” Rosie tells us, as we eagerly peer over her shoulder to try and get an advance peek at the pieces that will be for sale tomorrow.“ The perfect adult playground. I always say your vibe attracts your tribe and it does!”

If it was our vibe that attracted Rosie back then, it’s Rosie’s vibe that will attract style-setters, fashionistas, soul seekers and lovers of all that glitters to Pamelas tomorrow, when she unveils the collections within our flamingo-pink walls. “All of my collections have a deeper meaning and concept to them,” she says of her work. “Every piece I make is imbued with my own life force and life experience. I create each piece to serve the wearer in their personal transformation of empowering themselves, and myself. We are all interconnected. Your struggle is my struggle. Your victory is my victory. The Divinity collection is all about overcoming a long dark night of the soul. Each snake symbolises your personal power to come out shining, just like a champagne diamond.Perfectly, imperfect.”

It’s retail therapy, but not as you know it. Given the personal nature of her creations, Rosie feels a deep heart-to-heart connection with each client. “It’s pure positive energy,” she says. “How stones work is that they choose you. My coaching and 21 years of Buddhist practice are the bedrock of energy that imbues my work. Gemstones and powerful jewellery are my passion.” In addition to the selection of ready-to-wear pieces available, Rosie also works with clients on bespoke commissions and remodelling family heirlooms – so don’t be afraid to bring Granny’s antique ring to Pamelas for a consultation (are you reading this William, Harry, Kate and err, Meghan?).

“As soon as I see an heirloom, I can see what I will do with it, perfectly matching my client’s style,” Rosie says. “I listen carefully and really feel into what they want and also need to wear. I fuse their stones with my designs or sometimes I’ll suggest a stone, and create a bespoke piece with their choice of stones and add an engraving. The outcome is limitless, and the process is beautiful, moving and always really exciting.”

Rosie’s carefully curated collection of precious gemstones are sourced around the world and her passion for gems was the foundation that led her to become a designer. “Every year I go on a gem hunt to find rare, one-off pieces that will never be found again,” she says. “I’ve always had a natural love of gemstones and originally, I wanted to be a gemologist. I gem hunted across India for 16 years, finding stones and making pieces as I went along. Then one day, a jeweller told me I should go to Hatton Garden, London and train. Within three months I was hand-carving my first engagement ring in gold with blue sapphires.” And she’s never looked back.

If you’re looking for inspiration when it comes to layering jewellery, look no further than Rosie’s own creative two hands – here, more is more. She wears a ring on every finger, daily, each one carrying personal meaning. And when asked, she doesn’t hesitate to tell us all about them. “Oh my gosh – now we are talking! Are you ready? On my right pinky, I wear a 1.01 grey pear-shaped diamond set in 18k gold. This gold was from a 22k gold sovereign that my grandad gave me and this ring is for my late mother and pooch, Pam. The right ring finger is a 14k lemon topaz in gold. It’s the first stone I sourced in India before I became a jeweller. On my middle finger is my granny Odette’s signet ring, made in Cairo in white and yellow gold, then on my index finger is The Healing Queen ruby and diamond ring in rose gold. It’s worn here to spark your meridian lines.” She pauses for a minute before adding: “I surf in all of these rings!”

The jewellery journey continues on Rosie’s left hand. “On my left pinky is my grandmother’s gold ring and a rare pure turquoise stone in rose gold. On my left ring finger, I wear the Odette ruby and emerald ring from the Regal Collection. This design was inspired when I wanted to fuse a piece of my grandmother, Odette, with a piece of me. It’s made with her emeralds and my ruby, from a gem hunt across India. Then I wear a simple gold band, from Odette on my middle finger and on my index finger a .70 point champagne diamond ring from my engagement collection.” It’s dazzling to say the least.

While Rosie is busy sharing her infinite wisdom on gemstones and jewellery in Pamelas, your shopping experience will be sound-tracked by our Absolut Elyx Brunch resident DJs, Radio Guesthouse and Andy Wilson, who are joined by another fearless and fabulous special guest, the queen Roisin Murphy – tune into Ibiza Sonica Radio to hear her live set from 2pm to 4pm. For Rosie, the event is the perfect combination of work and play. “I am really looking forward to sharing my pieces with people who are looking for a special piece of ‘power jewellery’ that really speaks to them personally,” she concludes. “And of course, I can’t wait to hear Roisin Murphy play! A pop-up at Pikes? My favourite place to party? Couldn’t be better.”

To discover more go to / @rosieodettejewellery

By White Ibiza

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