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It’s impossible to box DJ, producer and label owner Chloé Caillet into any specific genre or style. Born in Paris, raised in New York, spending her formative years in Paris and Bristol, and now based in Ibiza, it’s clear she’s a citizen of the world, and her musical tastes and talents reflect that. A multi-instrumentalist herself, she’s spent her entire life immersed in music, from listening to her father’s rock collection and her mother’s jazz records as a toddler and managing record labels to acting as musical director for major hotels and booking DJs. There came a point when she inevitably turned her own hand to DJing, and production inevitably followed.

On the eve of her first headline event in Freddies – her own day-to-night Smiile party concept on Tuesday June 11, 2024 – we tapped up Chloé for some insight into her connection to the white isle, and of course, Pikes!

“I was originally drawn to Ibiza for its amazing energy and musical history,” she tells us. “I first came here in 2019, for a residency in the Funky Room at Pacha, with Dixon and his party Transmoderna. I ended up moving here roughly two years later during the pandemic and I never left.” After living in some of the most dynamic cities in the world, Ibiza – despite its reputation as the hard-partying capital of the world – represented a place where Chloé could slow down, relax, and most importantly, feel free to be herself.

“I live such a chaotic and consistently moving lifestyle, so Ibiza is a place where I can come home and recharge,” explains the in-demand touring artist, who plays for some of the biggest parties across the globe, including Circoloco (both here in Ibiza and in many of its international touring destinations), festivals like Awakenings, Lost Village, Glastonbury, Primavera Sound, Coachella and many more, plus private gigs for high fashion labels like Louis Vuitton, Burberry, and Miu Miu (among many others), plus A-listers such as Dua Lipa, who she recently produced a track with. “The island is also a place I feel extremely creative and allows me to be who I want to be.”

It was 2019 when Chloé first arrived on the island, to hold a residency in the (now-defunct) Funky Room at Pacha, as part of Dixon’s Transmoderna party. That same year, she stepped across the Pikes threshold and has been enamoured of our humble home ever since. “The first time I went to Pikes was in my first year, during my residency in 2019,” she recalls. “I came to see DJ Harvey and it honestly blew my mind – the whole vibes from start to finish.”

Her first time behind the decks at Pikes was B2B with Lex Wolf at a Cosmic Pineapple event. “It was so much fun!” she says. “We had a long set, so we played a lot of music that is made to get people grooving. My impression was that you could really play special music and the people at Pikes would be really receptive and want to join you on the journey.” This impression proved to be true in 2023, when she headlined Tales of the Unexpected in Freddies on a Sunday night to much acclaim.

From there, the dream to host her own party at Pikes started to take shape. “I just love how free the hotel makes you want to be,” she says. “It has so much history and there are so many things that have happened there. You can really feel that the minute you step through the gates. It’s always been a dream of mine to throw a party at Pikes, ever since that first day I came here for DJ Harvey. Then, Sofia – who works on the production team for my label Smiile – also used to work at Pikes, so she sealed the deal by telling me so many amazing stories that have happened there.”

Chloé’s Smiile parties were launched in 2023, as a club night named for her record label of the same name and to support her identity as a queer artist, and as a way to champion other creatives. She sees Smiile as a way to tap into the energy of rave culture for liberation – basically, nights where music takes you on a journey that allows you to be exactly who you want to be. “The ethos of the Smiile party is very aligned with what makes you be,” Chloé explains. “To feel free, to have a good time, to let go, to be present. To truly let the music take you on a journey but to also just have a great time… and to smile!”

This week, Chloé has curated an impressive line-up for her day-to-night party (kicking off poolside, from 4pm and heading into Freddies until the early hours), many of whom will be making their Pikes debut. “I am so excited to be welcoming some of these artists, like Octo Octa, who hasn’t played here since 2019, and Regular Fantasy who hasn’t played in Ibiza at all,” she says. “There’s just so many incredible artists on the line-up and a lot of us are really good friends. It’s going to be a really fun evening for all of us to be together, and for all of us to join forces in a venue that’s so special!”

The ultra-inclusive party is open to one and all, with a special focus on creating a safe space for the queer community – something Pikes has always encouraged and promoted. “I can’t wait to start the party early and really get people into a vibe during the day,” Chloé says excitedly. “Day parties are some of my favourites. I love seeing how the energy progresses into the nighttime. I feel like spending that much time in proximity with music and with people makes you feel extremely warm to the environment but also lets people progress into who they want to be.”

As for what’s in her record box? You’ll have to put your name on the guestlist and come and join us to find out. Chloé plans her sets spontaneously, vibing off the energy of the crowd and the musical guests around her. “I don’t really know where I draw inspiration from,” she says. “It just comes to me. I think about music I would love to hear if I was on the dancefloor of the party that I’m going to be playing.” We hope we get to see Chloé enjoying herself on the Freddies dancefloor just as much as we know she will behind the booth!


Join Chloé Caillet, Octa Octa, Pascal Moscheni, Gabrielle Kwarteng, Isabella and many more.

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