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Summer is still very much in full swing here in Ibiza but once the peak season heat (and its accompanying chaos) has eased and blissful September rolls around, our attention (or what’s left of it at this point) starts flitting forward to next year. Sure, we’re all thinking about enjoying a little winter break, but we’re also already thinking about all the DJs we’re going to book, all the parties we’re going to host, and all the members of the extended Pikes family — you know who you are — and our all those virgin guests-to-be we’re going to welcome back to spend their holidays in our beloved finca in the future.

If you’ve stayed with us before, we like to think that your previous Pikes experiences speak for themselves, but if you’re a wide-eyed newbie to the Pikes fold, perhaps you need a nudge in the right direction. Since we’re shy, retiring, modest types (obviously) who don’t like to toot our own horns, what better way to relay what Pikes is all about than through the personal recommendations of our former patrons? Our guests do the best spruiking on earth, and you’ve just got to trawl through TripAdvisor and Instagram to find their rhetoric on the love of Pikes. We’ll save you the trouble however – we’ve done the very opposite of doom-scrolling, as we happily pored over their undying (and unbiased) praise for days and have patched it all together here for your perusing pleasure. We can assure you that not one single word has been made up, though we may have corrected a few rogue capital letters and typos here and there.

Let’s start with a bang. ‘Incredible from the moment we set foot into this surreal world of magical essence!’ writes one reviewer who we didn’t pay a penny. ‘Love the bones of it, says another guest. ‘Iconic, amazing place. Never change.’ Don’t worry, we don’t plan to. ‘A haven in which to connect to the real Ibiza – if truly open to do so. It felt like home! Not just for the quirky, colourful unique surroundings, but in the people that make it Pikes,’ said an insider, who we know really gets us. ‘I have stayed at Pikes twice now,’ says one of our happy returning guests. ‘It is outstanding and worth every penny. The rooms are unique and fun. The food and cocktails are AMAZING. The people that choose to stay here are on a level.’

Even some of those who took slightly tentative first steps into Pikes terrain were quickly won over: ‘We were a little unsure if this was going to be our thing,’ said one soon-to-be-dazzled couple. ‘But how wrong we were. Freddies on Saturday night. A.m.a.z.i.n.g. The staff were super friendly, the security were super friendly, the management were super friendly and the other punters were our kinda people.’ Sounds like you’re our kinda people, too. As Freddie Mercury once sang, it’s a kind of magic – and we’ve noticed the word magical gets bandied around a lot when our guests write reviews online. ‘Magical! Walking up to the hotel you feel like you’re in another world,’ says one of many Pikes-lovers. ‘Truly magical. The whole layout of the hotel and grounds is exceptional and entertainment in itself. Magical experience in a magical place!’

Now, there is just one thing we’d like to make clear: ‘Don’t expect marble, tiled, five-star luxury,’ nicely put, thanks reviewer. ‘This runs much deeper than that. Would I return? In a heartbeat!’ They’re right — is Pikes about decadence? Absolutely. Are the grounds and rooms pristine and perfect (and bland) white? Absolutely not. Don’t expect perfection if you come to Pikes, but we like to think that what we represent is much better than that. ‘It’s not posh,’ clarifies one regular — and we’ll take that as a compliment — ‘But it’s incredibly charming and full of character and history.’ Another admirer sums it up nicely: ‘It’s definitely one of those ‘if you know, you know’ kind of places,’ they say. ‘But the feeling of it being iconic and cool isn’t just about the past, they’re doing it all right, right now.’ Aww shucks.

On to our glorious boudoirs then, some of which had a shiny spruce up this summer and (if we do say so ourselves this time), are now just a tad posh-er than before for those guests who love a dash of luxury. ‘Always a great hotel but recent improvements make it even better,’ says one happy customer. ‘The refurbished garden suites are lovely. Comfy beds, lovely bedding, fresh decor and super quiet if you need to sleep but close to the club if you want to party.’ We’re glad to hear you approve. ‘If you really want to unlock and understand what Pikes is all about, you need to stay for a week!’ says one insightful guest, and we couldn’t agree more. ‘Because it’s true what they say: once you check in you can’t — or won’t want to — check out. Great little touches in the room like straighteners and hairdryer, water, coffee machine, room service, and complimentary bathroom products.’ We aim to please.

‘Ask for the trippy room,’ advises one of our regulars – and we know they’re talking about Room 4 here. ‘It’s the smallest but never laughed so much. Don’t worry about the big clubs – you have everything you need right here to kick back from reality and lose yourself for a while. We don’t often go back to the same place twice, but we visit Pikes time and time again!’ While we admit not all our rooms are created equal, there are indeed certain spaces that you need to request early to guarantee you stay. ‘Stayed in room 22 and nothing is too much trouble,’ says another friend-of-the-Pikes-family. ‘You want a hairdresser? They provide it! You want a car? No problem! You want breakfast in bed? Just ask! Who needs to go anywhere else when staying here! Take me back tomorrow.’

Our team plays a huge role in every Pikes stay, of course, and we couldn’t be prouder of them. ‘The staff — especially Nick the manager — were extremely friendly and made us feel like we were part of a bigger Pikes family,’ says one clued-up client. ‘We were blown away with the heartfelt friendliness of all staff members,’ says another. ‘It’s like stepping into a house party with instant friends for days on end!’

freddies back to mine

Speaking of parties, as you probably already know, ours are pretty legendary and not without reason. ‘The club Freddies was buzzing,’ says one happy raver. ‘In the words of Tina, Simply the Best!’ Another frequent visitor hits the nail on the head of what we try to achieve: ‘For me [Freddies] is the dance floor that comes closest to the original understanding of Ibiza’s club culture.’ High praise indeed. And the real beauty of our intimate dancefloor: ‘Everyone gets to know everyone,’ commented one fan. “What a special club. I have been going to Ibiza now for 24 years and it is so heart-warming to know that there is at least one place that still retains the essence of the island. Stay at Pikes, eat and drink at Pikes and mostly dance at Pikes. You will have the time of your life.’

Our in-house restaurant Pamelas is equally as popular with guests, and also open to the public. ‘Only went for lunch but it was exceptional,’ says one content gourmand. ‘Delicious cocktails, imaginative menu (with both healthy and indulgent options), all in the famously eclectic surrounding of Pikes. For the full experience, go in the evening and party ‘til dawn!’ That’s what happens with a lot of our well-intentioned lunch guests – we’ve seen it all before and we highly encourage it. And speaking of lunches, you can’t beat our Sunday roasts either. ‘I was desperate to have Sunday lunch at Pikes during my recent trip to Ibiza,’ writes one diner. ‘But the place books up so quickly, there were no tables available when I rang. Annabelle took my name and number and told me she’d be in touch if there were any cancellations. I honestly never thought I’d actually get a call! We managed to fill a cancellation at 4pm and it was honestly the highlight of my trip.’ Put simply: ‘Best Sunday lunch outside of the UK.’

To sum it all up: ‘Totally bonkers! Pamelas was superb. There was a DJ playing great tunes poolside. Drinks on a round bed looking at a red crocodile and sheep on the roof! A great vibe with various music styles, and such a great variety of people from all walks of life and all ages.’ And finally, words from the wise: ‘Bravo, Pikes. You’ve done Tony proud!’ What more could we ask for?

With all this is mind, *sound klaxon*, it’s our duty and delight to inform you that room and suite bookings for summer 2024 open TODAY. Now is your chance to slide in early and secure the room of your slightly warped dreams – first in, best dressed. Be quick – we sell out fast!

Dates 27/05/2024


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